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Ref No IE TCD MS 1398
Former Shelf Marks H.5.27
Title Dr John O'Donovan's papers
Creation Dates 19th century
Extent And Medium 9 files, contained in a wooden fbox
Level Of Description Collection
Scope And Content Collection of fragmentary notes on Irish language, vocabulary and grammar quoted as authorities in O'Donovan's Irish Grammar. According to O'Donovan's letter (No. 72 below) some of these papers are in the writing of Haliday and O'Reilly. Others have come from the O'Neachtains. The collection includes a single vellum leaf of a medieval Irish medical work, MS 1398/71.

/1 Booklet of Irish words indicating their location and with sentences illustrating usage. Annotated by J[ohn] O'D[onovan] 'Extracts from the Book of Fermoy...'. Also fragment of sales catalogue describing MS. 38 fols
/2 Booklet containing extracts from the Book of Fermoy indicating location and giving some English translations. Annotated by J.O'.D. 'This is the handwriting of the late Michael of Cnoc Firinne ... in the County of Limerick ...' and added to in places by O'D. 47 fols
/3 Irish-English vocabulary for letter T. 1 fol
/4 Booklet with few Irish-English dictionary entries. 10 fols
/5 Booklet with Irish-English vocabulary. 12 fols
/6 Page with Irish-English vocabulary with indication when use has been made of Geoffrey Keating's History of Ireland for translations. 1 fol
/7 Similar on page bearing name Reverend Mr Kinsela. 1 fol
/8-10 Pages of Irish-English vocabulary mostly taken from Keating. Much revised. 3 fols
/11 Part of page with Irish-English vocabulary taken from Wallis [Rev Francis Wallis author of an Irish vocabulary]. 1 fol
/12 Irish-English vocabulary. Bears name of Mr Edward O'Reilly, 101 New Street, Dublin. 1 fol
/13 Irish vocabulary. Meanings given in Irish and English. Annotated 'From a Glossary on the wars of Con[n] of the two battles and Eog[h]an the Great'. Also 'Words copied into Shaws Dictionary'. 2 fols
/14 Irish-English vocabulary for letters R-T with some indications of source. Also list of 'words not found in Shaws dictionary' and note on the personal name Adam. 2 fols
/15 Irish-English vocabulary dated by J.O'.D 1816. 2 fols
/16 Irish-English vocabulary of words mostly dealing with directions, plants and the anatomy. Also (verso) note on 'the auxillary verb ataim, or ata me'. 1 fol
/17 Page of words and phrases 'transcribed out of Mr Cha[rles] O Connors Dictionary by O Brien' with some indication of original source. Possibly to identify evolution of word forms. 1 fol
/18 Page of words and phrases used when making comparisons in Irish language with indication of source. Annotated J.O'.D 'This is Richard MacElligott's handwriting'. 1 fol
/19 Incomplete booklet with Irish dictionary covering letters Ail-Ba. 5 fols
/20 Page of Irish dictionary entries covering letters Ai-Al. 1 fol
/21 List of Irish words and meanings 'out of Mr Bullinbrookes book'. In alphabetical order covering letters A-B. 1 fol
/22 Folio of Irish words and meanings covering letters Ba-So. 2 fols
/23 Page of Irish-English vocabulary of words mostly related to plants. 1 fol
/24 Similar to /23 above. English translations rare. 1 fol
/25 Similar to /23. 1 fol
/26 Small page containing Hebrew-Latin-Irish vocabulary. 1 fol
/27 Similar to /26. 1 fol
/28 Booklet with Hebrew-English-Irish vocabulary. 3 fols
/29 Page with brief Hebrew-Latin- Irish-English vocabulary. 1 fol
/30 Torn folio with mainly Biblical words in Greek, English and Irish, with some indication of source. 1 fol
/31 Folio with Latin-Hebrew-Irish plant vocabulary. 1 fol
/32 Page with Hebrew-Irish plant vocabulary.Some Latin translations. 1 fol
/33 Folio with Irish-English-Hebrew vocabulary. 1 fol
/34 Page with brief Irish-Hebrew vocabulary covering letter A. 1 fol
/35 Similar, covering letter Ba. Note [?by J.O.'D.] re correct translation of for Irish word Bairin. 1 fol
/36 Page of Irish-English-Hebrew vocabulary covering letter C. 1 fol
/37 Similar, folio, covering letters D-U. 2 fols
/38 List of Irish place names alphabetically for letter A giving variations or translations of name. 1 fol
/39 Torn page with list of Irish personal names and their Anglicized variations. 1 fol
/40 Folio with 'Remarks on the Travels of Tho[ma]s Herbert with respect to the names of places compared with the Irish language...' 2 fols
/41 Sheet with Irish-English words and phrases. Note on the language and understanding of Brehon law and on an Irish custom. 4 fols
/42 Torn folio with Irish English words and phrases and other rough jottings. 2 fols
/43 Booklet 'A Compendium of Irish Grammar' by Rev I McEnvire. 7 fols
/44 Folio with note on use of vowels. 2 fols
/45 Folio with brief list of words with indication of grammatical gender and case. 1 fol
/46-7 Two pages of variations on similar passage beginning 'bud[h] fliuc[h] is fuar an lá so'. 2 fols
/48 Torn page with examples illustrating correct usage of Irish phrases. 1 fol
/49 Lists of usual abbreviations in Irish writing, notes on 3 Irish customs involving plants and grammatical notes on forms of Irish words. 2 fols
/50 Part of booklet containing Irish grammar. 6 fols
/51 Booklet 'Tenses of Irish verbs.' Annotated by J.O.'D. 'These Collections made by [William] Halliday ... were found among the MSS of the late Edward O'Reilly ...'. 13 fols
/52 Fragment with four line verse 'Eirig[h] suas go buacac[h] bin[n] eadrum/...' and jottings. 1 fol
/53 Fragment with 3 lines beginning '[?...aim] agus ga[r]m tu, a teac;/...' 1 fol
/54 Page with ?poem beginning 'Feac[h] an C[h]ailin alain[n]' 1 fol
/55 Page with poem written by Fr Pól O Briain for 'An tsaoid[h] Eadb[h]ard O Rag[h]allaig[h]' ('Is fada EIRE gan dáil grin[n]/...'.) 1 fol
/56 Folio with Irish and English translation of 'Oeconomy of Human Life' or 'Riag[h]lac[h]ad[h] na beat[h]a daond[h]a' ?by Edward O'Reilly. 2 fols
/57 Page cut in two with Irish-English verses and lines of poems ? and hymns. 2 fols
/58 Page with 6 verses. 1 fol
/59 Fragment with Irish-English words and phrases. 1 fol
/60 Fragment with note on Irish word 'rop'. 1 fol
/61 Page with note on origin of Irish placename, usage of word 'Calends' in dating and lines by or about An tat[har] Peada[r] Ua Neac[h]tain. 1 fol
/62-64 Pages with brief jottings. 3 fols
/65 Fragment with transcriptions of inscriptions from two Irish burials. 1 fol
/66 Fragment with Irish proverb written with different spellings and script. 1 fol
/67 Fragment with Irish words and phrases. 1 fol
/68 Page with Latin and Irish words. 1 fol
/69 Brief list of Irish-Latin words. 1 fol
/70 Page with short Irish-English vocabulary and rough jottings. 1 fol
/71 Single vellum leaf from medieval Irish medical tract. The remainder of the MS is among the O'Curry MSS at Maynooth (O'Curry MS 110 Maynooth, fols 1-14).
/72 John O'Donovan, Newcomen Place, to 'Revd Dear Sir' [Rev Dr TK Abbott, Librarian, Trinity College Dublin]. This letter accompanied the deposit of the papers on l July 1845. 2 fols
Arrangement The MS was re-numbered internally in 2002. Abbott & Gwynn's 1398/1 is now 1398/72 and 1398/2 is now 1398/1, etc.
Phyiscal Description Loose papers, contained in a wooden filing box
Custodial History Presented by the author in 1845.
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Language Irish, English, Latin, Hebrew
Public Note TCD MS 1398/71 contains medical content and has been digitised. Available to view online at, along with a detailed description.
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