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Ref No IE TCD MS 1447
Title Records of the guilds of Barber Surgeons
Creation Dates 1576-1849
Scope And Content Barber Surgeons, corporation of (and guild of St Mary Magdalene), the barbers' guild being founded 1446 by royal charter of Henry VI, the united guild in 1576 by Elizabeth I:
MS 1447/1 Charter from Queen Elizabeth I, 1576.
MS 1447/1a Translation of the charter.
MS 1447/2 Grant of arms by the Ulster king of arms 1645.
MS 1447/3 Charter of King James II, 1687.
MS 1447/4/1 Freemen roll 1804-14.
MS 1447/4/2 Freemen roll 1826-37.
MS 1447/4/3 Freemen roll 1837-40.
MS 1447/5 Seal of the Corporation. Shows arms which include lion, unicorn with curled horn on sides, motto (?CHRISTUS) SALVS NOST(?R) in a threefold ribbon below, and ?animal above. Silver. 34mm diameter. Ex dono Jacobi Fountain Armig[eri] 1673.
MS 1447/5 a-d seal impressions and old keys.
MS 1447/6 Books of enrollment of apprentices and journeymen 1530-1607; with the oath of 1535

MS 1447/7 Books of quarterage and entry of foreigners 1692-1714; lists of members, Romans and foreigners 1688-94
MS 1447/8/1 Minute book 1703-57
MS 1447/8/2 Minute book (1714-55), 1757-1792
MS 1447/8/3 Minute book 1792-1826
MS 1447/8/4 Minute book 1826-41
MS 1447/8/4a Minute book: index to 1826-41

MS 1447/9 Book of bonds 1705-36 (58 bonds filled in)
MS 1447/10 Book of lists of brothers 1742, 1758-81; also bonds; list of Barber Surgeons records 1747
MS 1447/11 Roll book 1828-38, including Swearings-in 1780-1840. This volume has swearings-in of 1839 and of 1840 at the end of those of 1838-9.
MS 1447/12 Various loose sheets 1726-1849
Collected by Michael Farrell ?1847
Farrell was master 1827-8, 1835-6, member of council 1828-35, 1837-9, representative 1834-5, 1836-7.
Presented by WD Moore BA, MB, in 1849.
MS 1447/13 Seal-impression illegible, unlike that above. Found with the Barber Surgeons material but may not belong there.
MS 1447/14 William D Moore, An outline of the history of pharmacy in Ireland (Dublin: Hodges and Smith, 1848) 40 pages, followed by an appendix ‘Extracts from the records of the Barber Surgeons of Dublin’.
MS 1447*Guild chest.
498mm (wide) x 470 (high) x 390 with wings extending a further 135mm out
MS 1447/1* Charter box. Red leather and wood. 735 x 85mm.

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Public Note Directory of historic Dublin guilds, edited by Mary Clark and Raymond Refaussé (Dublin: Dublin Public Libraries, 1993), p 15 cols 1-2 for a short history of the guild, references to other literature, and a brief list these surviving records and National Archives TA 1452 ([?anon.] notes on the guild).
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