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Ref No IE TCD MS 2261/1
Title Travel diary of Henry George Quin (1775-1788)
Creation Dates 1 October 1785- 30 January 1786
Extent And Medium 180 folios
Level Of Description Item
Author Henry George Quin
Admin Biographical History Henry George Quin (1775-1788)
Scope And Content Hardback notebook. Journal was conserved preserving the original rag woven paper where possible and given new boards. Manuscript note on inside front cover reads 'Diary of Henry Quin 1785- 6 Geneva- Rome. Given me by Richard Quin 1890. J.R. Garstin'.
Henry Quin begins his travel journal in Geneva on top of the Glacier des Bossons (Switzerland). He travels through Switzerland and into Italy spending a large portion of his time in Milan, Florence and Rome. Quin is very interested in art spending up to five days at the Gallery (Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence and re-visiting the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel numerous times while in Rome. He comments on the different accents to be heard in the various Italian towns, the appearance of the ordinary people and of the upper classes and the variety of flavours found in food 'The sausages of Bologna have a peculiar flavour of garlick [sic] or scallions'. When in Rome the city is hit with very heavy rains and Quin writes how the Tiber has overflowed submerging the Pantheon and the surrounding area. Quin leaves Rome after nearly two months and heads north stopping at Tivoli and it is there that his journal ends.

Folio 2 Switzerland: Geneva, Glacier des Bossons, Chamouni (Chamonix)
Folio 5 Switzerland: Montanvert, Mont Blanc
Folio 7 Switzerland: Martigny, Vallais (Valais)
Folio 8 Switzerland: Bex, Bern, Saint Mauric
Folio 9 Switzerland: Lausanne, Aigle
Folio 12 Switzerland: Geneva, Savoy (Savoie), Aix-les-Bains
Folio 13 Switzerland: Aiguebelle, Moderne
Folio 15 Italy: Turin, Real Castello
Folio 17 Italy: La Venaria (Venaria Reale)
Folio 18 Italy: Piazza San Carlo
Folio 23 Italy: Milan, Milan Cathedral
Folio 24 Italy: Palazzo Belgiojoso
Folio 25 Italy: Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera,
Folio 26 Italy: Shrine of Cardinal Borromes (Duomo de Milano)
Folio 27 Italy: Ambrosian Library
Folio 28 Italy: Palazzo Simonetta
Folio 32 Italy: Parma, Piacenza
Folio 34 Italy: Mantua
Folio 35 Italy: Verona
Folio 36 Italy: the Verona Arena
Folio 38 Italy: Vicenza
Folio 40 Italy: Padua
Folio 41 Italy: Venice
Folio 42 Italy: Piazza San Marco
Folio 44 Italy: Doge's Palace, Hall of the Grand Council
Folio 47 Italy: San Giorgio Maggiore
Folio 49 Italy: Venetian Arsenal, Palazzo Pisani (Moretta)
Folio 51 Italy: Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo
Folio 55 Italy: Padua
Folio 57 Italy: Ferrara, Bologna
Folio 60 Italy: Basilica of San Petronio, The Two Towers
Folio 67 Italy: Florence
Folio 68 Italy: The Gallery (Accademia di Belle Arti), Palazzo Pitti
Folio 77 Italy: Basilica of San Lorenzo
Folio 80 Italy: Laurentian Library
Folio 82 Italy: the Grand Duke's Cabinet of Natural History
Folio 87 Italy: Sienna (Siena), Radicofani, Viterbo
Folio 89 Italy: Rome, St. Peter's
Folio 91 Italy: The Pantheon, Titus' Arch, the Colosseum
Folio 93 Italy: Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Basilica di San Giovanni Laterno
Folio 97 Italy: the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel
Folio 102 Italy: Villa Medici
Folio 109 Italy: Villa Borghese gardens
Folio 113 Italy: Arch of Constantine, the Colosseum
Folio 124 Italy: Villa Albani
Folio 140 Italy: Villa Mattei
Folio 142 Italy: Villa Ludovisi, Villa Aldobrandini
Folio 152 Italy: Grotto and fountain of Egeria
Folio 154 Italy: Teatro Capranica
Folio 167 Italy: Tomb of Caecilia Metella
Folio 174 Italy: Baths of Caracalla, Tomb of the Scipios
Folio 175 Italy: Mausoleum of Augustus
Folio 178 Italy: Tivoli
Phyiscal Description 1 hardback notebook
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Language English
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Public Note TPC Kirkpatrick, Friends of the Library Bulletin, 1964
Arthur Rau's article on the Quin Library appears in The Book Collector, 1965.
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