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Ref No IE TCD MS 279
Former Shelf Marks Lyon: C.2.16
Bernard: 369
Foley: [H.45]
c1670: [I.1.25]
Title Honorius Augustodunensis, etc.
Creation Dates [1150-1299]
Extent And Medium Parchment ((A) is calfskin, (B) (C) are sheepskin); 113 leaves.
Level Of Description Collection
Scope And Content (A)

Folios 1-32v: (1) Honorius Augustodunensis, Elucidarium (ed. Y. Lefèvre, Paris 1954; M.W. Bloomfield et al., 'Incipits of Latin Works on the Virtues and Vices, 1100-1500 A.D.', Mediaeval Academy of America, (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1979), no. 5429; M. Lapidge and R. Sharpe, 'A Bibliography of Celtic-Latin Literature 400-1200', Royal Irish Academy Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources Ancillary Publications 1, (Dublin, 1985), no. 1187), ends imperf. (3.77; edn. p. 462): Incipit liber elucidarii. Sepius a condiscipulis quasdam questiunculas enodare rogatus - magistrorum solletus (!) suptilitas. Discipulus. 1-32v Dicitur quod nemo sciat quid sit deus - Conflagrabit. Sicut enim olim. Differs much from edn.

– (1) Michael Gullick, letter to Bernard Meehan (former Keeper of Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College Dublin), dated January 1995, says for 1r-32v: ‘s.xii med. Aslightly peculiar hand of xii (first quarter) type, but coarse and degenerate, found especially in west country mss (and elsewhere)’.

Folio 33v: (2) added in 15th century. List of contents of (B): In hoc uolumine continentur isti. Liber primus sentenciarum magistri Hug. Exposicio super oracionem dominicam. (Narracio Petri abbatis Cluniacensis de quibusdam miraculis. Augustinus de opere monachorum. Baleus de sacramento altaris erased). The first three entries are by one hand, imitating writing of c1200; the three erased entries are by another hand. After ‘Baleus’ appears some pencil writing, which was inserted and deleted prior to the above-noticed list of contents. The Narratio Petri Cluniacensis (listed in A.G. Watson, 'The Manuscripts of Henry Savile of Banke', The Bibliographical Society, (London, 1969), no. 87, with other works now in TCD MS 279) and Baldwin’s De Sacramento Altaris are no longer in TCD MS 279. Peter of Cluny’s work is his De Miraculis Libri Duo (printed in Patrologia Latina 189:851-954); a copy of the De Sacramento Altaris by Archbishop Baldwin of Canterbury (died 1190) is in Cambridge Corpus Christi College 200 and the text is edited by J. Morson, Sources chrétiennes , 2 volumes, (Paris, 1963). Folio 33 blank.


Folios 34-81: (3) [Hugo De S. Victore?], Summa Sententiarum ('Patrologia Latina' 176:41-174), ends shorter than edn. (6.15; edn. col. 154): De fide et spe que in nobis est omni poscenti rationem reddere - pro facultate nostra in lucem ponere. 34-81 Et quoniam fide tamquam mensura omnia - aqua per inuocacionem trinitatis. 81v (see below).


Folios 82-87v: (4) Exposicio Super Orationem Dominicam: Exposicio super orationem dominicam. Seruus nequam in euangelio decem milibus talentorum obligatus cum ad solucionem a domino suo coartaretur - putantes se multiloquio exaudiri. Sic autem orabitis. Pater noster qui es in celis. 82-87v Deus omnipotens cum sit dominus (uerendus corr. from uerecundus) pater reuerendus dominus maiestatis pater pietatis - qui non cessant iugiter una uoce clamare sanctus sanctus sanctus, qui est trinitas unus deus, ipsi honor et gloria et gratiarum accio per infinita secula. Amen. Cites Bernard (85v). 88-95v, 104-111 (by misbinding). (5) Augustinus, De Opere Monachorum (ed. J. Zycha, 'Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum' 41 [1900] 531-596), with the relevant extract from his Retractationes: Aurelius Augustinus in retractionum (!) libro secundo capitulo xx’o l’o. Vt de opere monachorum librum scriberem illa necessitas compulit - iussit et feci. Hic liber sic incipit Iussioni tue, sancte frater Aureli. Aurelii Augustini doctoris Ypponensis episcopi de opere monachorum liber incipit. 88-95v, 104-111 Iussioni tue, sancte frater Aureli, tanto deuotius obtemperare me opportuit - rescriptis tue beatitudinis nouerim. Aurelii Augustini doctoris Ypponensis episcopi de opere monachorum liber explicit.

Folios 111rv, 96-103v, 112rv (by misbinding): (6) Augustinus, De Natura Boni (ed. J. Zycha, 'Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum' 25.2 [1892] 855-889), with the relevant extract from his Retractationes: Augustinus in libro retractationum secundo capitulo nono. (folio 111) Liber de natura boni aduersus Manicheos est ubi ostenditur naturam incommutabilem - finxit error ipsorum. Hic liber sic incipit Summum bonum quo superius non est deus est. Aurelii Augustini doctoris Ypponensis episcopi de natura boni liber incipit. Summum bonum quo superius non est deus est. 111rv, 96-103v, 112rv Ac per hoc incommutabile bonum est - celestem uitam eternamque preponant. Amen.

Folio 113rv. (7) Augustinus, Contra Academicos (ed. W.M. Green, 'Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina' 29 [1970] 3-61), beg. and ends imperf. (1.17-22; edn. pp. 13-15): pergeremus, furatus esset, omnes sibi numerari iussit coegitque illum ante oculos - quicquid esset ipse nesciebat. Nisi forte existimas. Six leaves of text are lost after 112v (112rv must have been the first leaf of quire ‘iiii’ and 113rv the final leaf of this quire: cf. ‘iiii’ in the lower margin of 113v).

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Phyiscal Description Dating Note: (A) 12th century (second half), (3) late 12th century, (4) and (C) 12/13th century.

Dimensions: 220 x 145 ((1) 177 x 105, (B) 172-182 x 98-111, (C) 175 x 106).

Layout: (A) 26/27 lines, (B) c32 lines, (C) 34 lines.

Script: (A) single hand and the addition as above, (B) more than one hand, (C) more than one hand. (C) seems to display the punctus flexus: see e.g. 93v-94.

Corrections and Additions: (B)(C) 12/13th-century corrections; some notes are scrubbed out from 20, 20v, 21, 21v, 96.

Pen-trials: [12th century?] (on 28), 15th century (pencil, on 26).

2nd fo.: (A) illocalis D., (B) uidit cum, (C) dicentes sanctificetur.
Custodial History 1 has shorthand of Henry Savile (cf. A.G. Watson, 'The Manuscripts of Henry Savile of Banke', no. 126 and no. 87). 34 has Liber sancte Marie Rieuallis (rubricated, late 12th century). (B)(C) were once in the Cistercian abbey of St Mary’s, Rievaulx, Yorkshire (N.R. Ker,'Medieval Libraries of Great Britain', second edition, Royal Historical Society, (London, 1964), 159): cf. the catalogue of Rievaulx manuscripts ed. A. Hoste in his 'Bibliotheca Aelrediana', Instrumenta Patristica 2, (Steenbrugge, 1962), 159 no. 93. 34 has 86 (modern ink). 81v has Exposicio super oracionem dominicam (15th century) noticing the following item in the codex.
Collation Analysis iiii(8) iv(8)+1 v-x(8) xi(8) (lacks 7-8) xii-xiv(8) xv(2). (A) quire number v on 73v; (C) quires numbered: the misbinding in (C) is readily detectable if one notices iii on 103v and ii on 111v. This misbinding must have occurred early, for a hand contemporary with (C) wrote in pencil on 96 ‘Hic quaternio debet sequi subsequentem’ and likewise on 104 ‘Hic quaternio debet precedere precedentem’.
Decoration Main heading of (4) is partly in blue, partly in red, and partly in green. (A) initials red or green, sometimes with red ornament or arabesque designs; (3) initial on 34 is red; (4) initials red or blue, with blue or red ornament or with red and yellow ornament; (5) (6) initials green (one red on 88). (A) capitals marked with red or green or with red and green; (4) marginal headings are framed in red or blue.
Binding Note Rebound 1977 in modern vellum.
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Language Latin
Public Note For TCD MS 279 see N.R. Ker, 'Medieval Libraries of Great Britain', 159; H. Düwell in 'Scriptorium' 26 (1972) 339; F. Römer, 'Die handschriftliche Überlieferung der Werke des heiligen Augustinus', Bd. ii/2 (Grossbritannien und Irland) in Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Phil.-Hist. Kl., Sitzungbericht 276, (Vienna, 1972), 330-334, 332; V.I.J. Flint in 'Revue Bénédictine' 87 (1977) 122.

For TCD 279 see D.N. Bell, 'An Index of Authors and Works in Cistercian Libraries in Great Britain', Cistercian Studies series 120, (Kalamazoo, 1992), 31, 34, 78, 163; D.N. Bell, 'The Libraries of the Cistercians, Gilbertines and Premonstratensians', (London, 1992), 104; B. Meehan in 'Anglo-Norman Durham 1093-1193. Papers Read to a Conference 13-18 September 1993', edd. D. Rollason et al.,(Woodbridge, 1994), 448; T. Falmagne in 'Scriptorium' 49 (1995) no. 254; 'Medioevo latino' 18 (1997) no. 5438.
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