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Ref No IE TCD MS 360
Former Shelf Marks Lyon: D.1.19
Bernard: 285
Foley: B.5
c1670: B.2.5
Ussher: AAA.31
Title Catalogue of the Library of St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury
Creation Dates [1474-1497]
Extent And Medium Paper; 96 leaves, with late 15th-century pagination in (c)
Level Of Description Collection
Scope And Content This manuscript contains the catalogue of the library of St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, the oldest recorded book collection in England. This is an incomplete, late-fifteenth century transcription copy of a now-lost book list produced between 1375 and 1420. The catalogue (MLGB no. BA1) records over 1,700 books belonging to the library, of which nearly 300 are identified in modern collections. The catalogue is presented in three parts (1-96v) (B.C. Barker-Benfield (ed.), 'Corpus of Medieval Library Catalogues: St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury' (London, 2008) 3 vols; M.R. James (ed.), 'The Ancient Libraries of Canterbury and Dover' (Cambridge, 1903), 173-406, edition excluding index).

Folios 1-12v: (a) Register indicating the locations of books within the monastery. The register is presented in a grid or spreadsheet format, divided into columns numbered 1-133 representing the medieval pagination of the MS, and rows varying in number up to 41 per page representing individual entry numbers per page in the catalogue proper (c). The register records if a book is housed in the library, cloister, vestry or held by a named individual (for example, item 25 (1) 'in manibus ducis Glocestrie, perditur'). Register incomplete, with many spaces left blank including entries relating to canon law texts and duplicate catalogue entries. 11v-12v left blank. Beginning:

[left blank] | 1 | 2 | 3 |
1 | Vest(iarium) | W westgate | lib(rari)a |

Folios 13-25v: (b) Index table to the catalogue proper (c) in roughly alphabetical order, beginning: [T]abula super subsequentem matriculam ad sciendum quis liber compilacio exposicio summa scriptum uel tractatus cuiuscumque doctoris ut magistri contineatur in eadem per primum numerum in quo folio et per secundum in qua columpna inuenies scire poteris / Actus apostolorum glosatus ('9' added) / Apocalipsis Iohannis apostoli glosatus ('9' added) - Ymago mundi / Ympnare glosatum. 26r-v left blank.

Folios 27-96v: (c) Catalogue proper of the library of St Augustine's Abbey, arranged by subject, including biblical and theological works; liturgical texts; didactic works; prognostics and prophecies; history and Latin prose writing; natural sciences and medicine; Trivium and Quadrivium; vernacular texts; hagiography; alchemy; canon law. Catalogue entries provide details of individual volumes, such as the second folio, textual contents, pressmarks, and names of donors or former owners. Duplicate entries are noted with cross-references. The pressmarks denote the location of a book by bookcase (Distinctio) and shelf (Gradus) number.

1 Prima pars biblie sancti Gregorii.
2o fo. in prohemio in doctrina. D. i Gradu i.
2 Secunda pars biblie sancti Gregorii.
2o fo. non feram. D. i Gradu i. -
Summa introductoria super officio aduocacionis
composita a domino Iohanne (Bonadiuncta or
Bonaduincta) non hic quia superius in questionibus
Bartholomei Brixensis Roberti Louente.

Evidence suggests the catalogue is incomplete, such as register and index entries then not listed in the catalogue proper including works of civil law, and a number of books identified as extant from the library do not feature as entries in the catalogue (B.C. Barker-Benfield, (2008) vol 1, 53-57; M.R. James (1903), lx-lxiii). Some loss of text due to tear (40r-v).

Use this link to access the digitised version of the item in the Library's Digital Collections repository:
Phyiscal Description Dating: Entry 44 of the catalogue lists a Bible (now British Library, Burney MS 11), which contains two inscriptions by Clement of Canterbury stating he purchased the volume from Oxford University stationer Thomas Hunt on 24 July 1473 for 20 shillings and donated book to St Augustine's Abbey on 28 February 1474, suggesting the composition of MS 360 began shortly after this date. Entry 300 of the catalogue lists a Correctorium Bibliae donated by John Preston (M.R. James (1903), 217), and this text (now Canterbury Cathedral Archives & Library, CCA- DCc-LitMs/D/16) bears a note by Clement of Canterbury dated 1491 reporting the gift, showing the manuscript was in active use at this time. The register contains the name of John Dygon, abbot of St Augustine's Abbey (r. 1497-1509), but omits his title, suggesting the copying of the manuscript was completed before his election in January 1497.

Dimensions: 277 x 188 mm ((a) 265 x 171 mm, (b) 235 x 153 mm, (c) 225 x 155 mm)

Layout: Folios 1-12v presented in grid format of seven vertical columns and 30 to 41 rows per folio; 27-88r written in 2 columns, 40 lines per column; 88v-96 without any ruling.

Script: MS copied in by four main hands (A, B, D, E) and one minor (C), with A, B, C and D working consecutively in a single campaign and E continuing independently (B.C. Barker-Benfield, (2008) vol 1, 101-102). Hands in informal secretary script with Hand B also employing some anglicana forms. Hand A responsible for copying index table (13-25v) and first 623 entries in catalogue proper (27, col. 1 to 49v, col. 1 line 15). Hand B copied entries BA1.624-826 and parts of 827, and 834-1548 (49v, col. 1 line 16 to 54v, col. 1 parts of lines 20-21, and 54v, col. 2 line 5 to 83v, col. 2 line 14). Hand C, identified as possibly Clement of Canterbury (fl. 1463-1495), librarian of St Augustine's Abbey or abbey almoner Simon Maidstone (fl. 1445-1469), and copied parts of entries 827, and 827.1-833 (54v, col. 1 second half of line 20 to col. 2 line 4), and possibly entry 1615 (88r, col. 1 line 1) and index titles 584 and 1084. Hand D copied entries 1550-1613A (84-86v) and later added location register (a) with system of page and entry numbering linking to catalogue proper, also made minor corrections throughout and added shelfmarks in previously blank spaces. Hand E copied entries 1617-1837.3 (88v-96v), the canon law section of the catalogue proper.

Corrections and Additions: Many additions to MS attributed to Hand D, with Hand C contributing as above. A later 15th-century hand added 'perditur' in the margin beside entries BA1.43 (27v), 1167 (68) and 1168 (68). 16th-century marginalia attributed largely to John Dee, such as notation in pencil to bracket, underline and cross-out book entries (16, 22v, 65, 66, 73v, 74v, 83v) reproduce crossed-out index entry 221 '[a]rs notoria / [s]olomonis' (14v), and notation in ink (17v, 18v, 19v, 20v, 25, 58v, 59, 65, 67, and 68). Further marginalia possibly added by Dee also occur: pointed hand manicula (15, 17, 17v, and 18v); 'D' added in pencil beside entries (16, 17, and 64); 'D' added in ink (72v, 73v, and 74), and trefoil shapes in pencil (23v, 24v, 60v, and 65).

2nd fo: '13' or 'libra(ria)'.
Custodial History St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury until Dissolution of abbey in 1538, or shortly following. Possible 16th-century inscription occurs (33) 'Thys hys laurens maxsted / R(?)ygthm' possibly a placename such as Ightham (similar inscription appears 90v). The surname Maxsted was a common Kent surname, and a Laurence Maxsted is listed in the hundred of Bridge and Petham in the lay subsidy assessment of 1524 for the lathe of St Augustine (London, The National Archives. E 179/124/196). Possible ownership inscriptions (57v, 67v, and 73v) of John Twyne (c1501-1581), schoolmaster, mayor and antiquary of Canterbury who acquired a large number of codices from St Augustine's Abbey after the Dissolution (A.G. Watson, 'John Twyne of Canterbury (d. 1581) as a Collector of Medieval Manuscripts: a Preliminary Investigation', The Library, vol. s6-VIII, Issue 2 (June 1986) 133-151). Ownership inscriptions appear ('I. Dee / 1574' (58v), name and initials (59, 64, and 68)) of John Dee (1527-1608), royal advisor, astrologer and antiquary (M.R. James (ed.), 'Lists of Manuscripts Formerly Owned by Dr. John Dee', Supplement of The Bibliographical Society's Transactions no. 1, (1921), no. 128; A.G. Watson (ed.) in A.G. Watson and R.J. Roberts, 'John Dee's Library Catalogue', (London, 1990), no. M128). Manuscript features shelfmark of the book collection of The Most Reverend James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland (r. 1625-1656), 'AAA 31.' (i flyleaf, verso). The Ussher library was gifted by King Charles II to Trinity College Dublin in 1661.
Collation Analysis i-ii(6) iii-vii(10) viii-ix(12) x(10,=?1+1). Two contemporary quire signatures possibly by Hand A, '2us' (32v) and '3us' (42v).
Decoration None, space left for initial 'T'(abula) (13) and entries BA1.1-99 (13-14) touched with red ink.
Watermarks Two watermark patterns demonstrate two different types of paper used: The register (1-7, 9-10, 12) features watermark of a ring surmounted by a cross, resembling Briquet 694; the remainder of the MS (8+11, 13-96) features watermark of a shield with a broad diagonal band bordered on either side by two strips with T-shaped motif, and surmounted by a cross, Briquet 1041 identified as coat of arms of the duchy of Champagne employed by city of Troyes.
Binding Note Executed for the College about 1830 in blind-tooled leather.
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Language Latin
Public Note This description was adapted (2021) from the following sources:

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Catalogue of St Augustine's Abbey (no. BA1) listed on Medieval Libraries of Great Britain (MLGB3) online: [accessed 23 March 2021]
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