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Ref No IE TCD MS 492
Former Shelf Marks Lyon: E.2.23
Bernard: 230
Foley: B.3
c1670: B.2.4
Title Beda, etc.
Creation Dates [1130-1169]
Extent And Medium Parchment; 180 leaves.
Level Of Description Collection
Scope And Content Folios 1-175v: (1) Beda, Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (ed. C. Plummer, (Oxford, 1896); edd. B. Colgrave and R.A.B. Mynors, (Oxford, 1969)): Incipit prephatio uenerabilis Bede presbiteri in libro ecclesiastice historie gentis Anglorum. 1-2v Gloriosissimo regi Ceolwlfo Beda - intercessionis inueniam. Explicit prologus. 2v-4 List of contents of bk. 1 (similar list precedes each of the following books). Incipit liber primus uenerabilis Bede presbiteri in hystoriam Anglorum. 4-175 Britannia occeani insula - intercessionis inueniam. Amen. 175v Explicit liber quintus ecclesiastice hystorie gentis Anglorum, quam uenerabilis Beda presbiter natus ex eadem gente edidit. Loss of quire after 160v (text jumps from ‘occiderunt dominum iuxta eum’, 5.14 [5.15 MS], to ‘Cui claues celi Cristus’, 5.19 [5.20 MS]). Chapter division frequently differs from edns. On 1 a note (15th century) about Albinus of the text (to be identified with Alcuin) and about David (Charlemagne): Huius Albini ut puto su t epistule luculenter scripte cuidam regi Dauid quas ip(s?)e ex parte legi et apud Hely habentur. Notes by a 12/13th-century Anglo-Saxon hand: Seolas (on 4); seolas (on 4); seolas scaelie (on 4); [...]eo[...]as (on 4); octo hund mile long & t1a hund mile brad (on 4); munuc (8v); half mile amurg (9v). According to information from Rev. C.M. Lawson, TCD MS 492 descends from British Library Harley 3680 through an intermediary and is the parent of the text in British Library Arundel 74 and Oxford Christ Church 99.

Folios 175v-177: (2) Cuthbertus, Epistola De Obitu Bedae (ed. Plummer o.c. 1:clxclxiv; edd. Colgrave and Mynors o.c. 580-586; 'Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina', edd. Socii Bollandiani, (Brussels, 1898-1901), 3 volumes, no. 1068): Incipit epilogium de obitu eximii doctoris Bede, qui Gyrwinensis monasterii presbiter extitit doctorque precipuus. Dilectissimo in Christo lectori Cuthuuino Cuthbert condiscipulus in deo eternam salutem. Munusculum quod misisti - ineruditio lingue facit. TCD MS 492 does not include ‘Attamen - audiui’ (edd. Colgrave and Mynors p. 586). Also, TCD MS 492 seems related to Cambridge Trinity 741, Oxford Christ Church lat. 99, and British Library Arundel 74, which omit ‘heonengange hweat his’ from Bede’s death-song and contain tracts on the progress of Christianity in England and on the resting-places of English saints (N.R. Ker, 'Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon', (Oxford, 1957), 143-144).

Folios 177-178v: (3) About the progress of Christianity in England (another copy in Cambridge Trinity 741; ed. F. Liebermann, Die Heiligen Englands, (Hannover, 1889), 2-10; T.D. Hardy, 'Descriptive Catalogue of Materials Relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the End of the Reign of Henry VII', Rolls Series, (London, 1862-1871), 3 volumes, in 4, 1:215, cf. G. Hickes in 'Linguarum Veterum Septentrionalium Thesaurus' 3, (Oxford, 1703), 115-117): In nomine domini nostri Ihesu Christi beatus Augustinus Aedelbertum regem Cantie cum gente sua conuertit - ad laudem dei et sue genitricis construxit.

Folios 178v-180: (4) Notationes De Sanctis Qui In Anglia Requiescunt (other copies in British Library Arundel 74 and Cambridge Trinity 741; ed. Liebermann o.c. 10-20; Hardy l.c.; Colgrave and Mynors o.c. lvii; cf. D.W. Rollason in Anglo-Saxon England 7 [1978] 61-93): He sunt notationes de sanctis qui in Anglica patria requiescunt. Sanctus Albanus martyr iuxta locum qui uocatur Petlingacester requiescit - in loco qui dicitur Rumesige prope amnem Taerstan. 180v blank.
Phyiscal Description Dimensions: 286 x 188 (212 x 135).

Layout: 2 columns. 30 lines.

Script: Single hand. E.P. McLachlan ('The Scriptorium of Bury St. Edmunds in the Twelfth Century', (New York and London, 1986), 262, 304) identifies this hand as the same as in Cambridge Pembroke 72, volume 1.

Corrections and Additions: 12-16th-century notes.

Rough sketches: face (on 110, 153v, 159v, 160). 1 has 'B.296' (the number beside B is visible only by ultra-violet): TCD MS 492 was in the abbey of Bury St Edmunds (N.R. Ker, 'Medieval Libraries of Great Britain', second edition, Royal Historical Society, (London, 1964), 19). Cf. also A.G. Watson (ed.) in A.G. Watson and R.J. Roberts, 'John Dee's Library Catalogue', (London, 1990), no. M60.

2nd fo.: ipsius Albini.
Collation Analysis i-xxii(8), 4. Catchwords (64v, 80v).
Decoration A green or blue or yellow letter sometimes begins an otherwise red incipit or explicit. Initial on 1 is in colours on coloured and gold ground, with monster and leafy vine in colours: the winged serpent has canine head at each end, and upper head projects tongue. Other initials blue or red or green or yellow; initial on 4 is blue and green with red, green, and blue ornament; initial on 36 is blue with green, red, and blue ornament; initials on 104v and 175v have green ornament; red initial on 145 has green, blue, and yellow ornament: the ornament in each case is arabesque. Opening words of certain books in (1) are green and red, or green and yellow.
Binding Note Executed for the College about 1830 in blind-tooled leather.
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Language Latin
Middle English
Public Note For TCD MS 492 see T.D. Hardy, 'Descriptive Catalogue of Materials Relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the End of the Reign of Henry VII', Rolls Series, (London, 1862-1871), 3 volumes, in 4, 1:441; P. Grosjean in 'Analecta Bollandiana' 46 (1928) 97-98; E. van Kirk Dobbie in 'Columbia University Studies in English and Comparative Literature' 128 (1937) 8, 77-78; M.L.W. Laistner and H.H. King, 'Hand-List of Bede Manuscripts', (Ithaca, New York, 1943), 96; N.R. Ker, 'Medieval Libraries of Great Britain', second edition, Royal Historical Society, (London, 1964), 19 and his 'Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon' 143-144; Colgrave and Mynors o.c. lviii; R.M. Thomson in 'Speculum' 47 (1972) 642 with n.159; McLachlan o.c. 262, 304, 319-320; M60 in J. Roberts and A.G. Watson, 'John Dee’s Library Catalogue', (London, 1990) 117, 245; P.J. Lucas et al., 'Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile', volume 5: 'Latin Manuscripts with Anglo-Saxon Glosses', (Tempe, Arizona, 1997), 24-27; 'Medioevo latino' 21 (2000) no. 11976; Mark Faulkner, 'Trinity College, MS 492: A New Witness to the Old English Bede and its Twelfth-Century Context', Anglia: Zeitschrift fur Englische Philologie, 135, (2), 2017, p. 274-290.
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